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Float and curved glass processing with applications in the furniture, professional equipment, construction and shipping industries

12 Gervasiou Grevenon St., 18450, Nikaia, Athens, Greece

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Glass is a source of inspiration and creativity to us

Panagiotis Gavridis, CEO

Our Team

Panagiotis Gavridis
Christos Gavridis
Stavroula Gavridi
Product Development / Social Media Manager
George Gavridis
Mechanical Engineer


Consistent, accurate and modern 

Gavridis Glass is always treating its projects with consistency and accuracy. They manage to possess knowledge of the newest technologies within our industry. They follow the latest technological updates, one of them being their strong presence in the social media. After 30 years of excellent cooperation, we are well aware that they are pioneers in high-tech investments, in the introduction of innovative products and technologies into the international market of glass, as well as in the specialised training of their staff.


Committed into constantly delivering high quality services

During our 25 years long partnership with Gavridis Glass, we have noticed that it is dedicated into delivering high quality products and always ensure the safety of its constructions. Its on-going commitment to achieve its goals and to satisfy its customers has led Gavridis Glass in constant success. Keep up the good work with strength and faith into your values. Well done!


Excellent and constructive cooperation

Gavridis Glass is reliable, proactive and dynamic. Its capable personnel and partners ensure a good infrastructure for an integrated and technically excellent result. It is worth noting that the company largely focuses on industrial projects, which requires high expertise. Our cooperation with Gavridis Glass is excellent and constructive.

ili-Con & Saint-Goben

Consistency and excellent customer service

The company KIRIAKIDIS VAS. S.A. has chosen Gavridis Glass amongst its partners in southern Greece for the past 10 years for its consistency and for always offering first class services to its clients. It is offering new technologies and skilled staff.

KIRIAKIDIS VAS. S.A. - Glass Industry


We are proud we participated in the implementation of the following demanding projects

Chain of Production


We undertake the mechanical design of the architectural drawing, according to certain specifications, satisfying the preconditions of safety and functionality


We use architectural design programs (AUTOCAD) in order to acquire the electronic form of the drawing


We use the latest technological computer-controlled cutting machines (CNC) for accurate results